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                                6400 TAYLOR RD UNIT# 112                              
TEL (941) 639-7000 ~ FAX (941) 575-8913

Yes, Hurricane Irma swept through SW Florida on September 10, 2017. Fortunately, Alligator Park was spared the worst of the storm's fury and very little damage was done here. All our utility systems are up and running and the Park is functioning normally and looking great. All the RV lots are undamaged, therefore, reservations for the upcoming season were not affected, and we're expecting the season to be as splendid as usual. We're looking forward to seeing all our snowbirds again! 
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Punta Gorda: Finalist in Rand McNally Best of the Road 2013 VIDEO 
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Shares priced at $28,000.00
Park will hold financing!!!
According to, Punta Gorda rated #2 on the
2016 list for safest cities in Florida!!

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Direct TV Coordinates - 220 degrees N 48-50 degrees Elevation
WI-FI - Select the TengoInternet WI-FI service on your device, then open your browser and go to The first five 'clock hours' are free.

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Park Water Project
Water Project Status
Posted on Oct 12th, 2017
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Alligator Park, A Possible Future
For a while now, our Planning Committee has been polling both residents and guests for ideas about how to improve the recreational facilities at Alligator Park. Johnson Engineering of Fort Myers FL recently presented renderings of design plans they have created to show some of these ideas in place. Please keep in mind that at this stage these are concepts about what could be done.  We have not yet proceeded with any construction plans. The full-size renderings are on display in the clubhouse or you can click on the links below to view them on your computer.