The Mobile Home and RV Shareholder Residents of Alligator Park enjoy well-lit, paved streets, sewer services and city water, well-kept grounds and a friendly community atmosphere. Add to this, the diverse yet attractive homes throughout the Park and you have a wonderful place to live. 
All through Alligator Park's 50 acres one can find beautiful homes. Since the Park itself is resident-owned and residents own their own homes as well, everyone takes pride in the appearance of the entire Park. There are home lots large enough to accommodate a double-wide newer home and still have room for a generous carport, utility room, etc. Many new homes have recently been installed and more lots are available.  Contact Us or call the office at (941) 639-7000 for availability and location.
To live in Alligator Park, one of the household residents must be 55 or older. The other must be at least 45. Guests can visit 30 days per year.