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Indiana Reunion
Indiana Reunion 7/25/13
Lynda said: To all our Alligator Park friends--we've had a great time in Auburn, IN. Ruth did a wonderful job of picking out a great hotel and a town w/ more museums than any old feet could want to visit--something for everyone--this morning Bev  and Marge and I went into town to see the "painted gates"--great idea to attract folks to a towntown area and wonderful talent. (the guys made it to 2 other museums)

We all enjoyed a wonderful luncheon at the Duesenburg, Cord and Auburn Museum where I learned the Model T by Ford was not the 1st car invented. Oh so many beautiful cars--all in the old factory building where they had been made. So great to see so many of our old friends and 2 new neighbors-- Dave and Judy--they have a 5th wheel and rent near Ken . Doug and Karen were lucky enough to able to bring a grandchild.
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